Special Rules for "Visionary Idea"


One way that we’ve played it is that whoever first lands on “Visionary Idea” lays out the idea for the board. If they buy it on behalf of the Commons, they can decide to come up with it with the table. If they buy it for themselves, they can set the idea themselves.

The idea should be the base for a world to grow around - for example:

"Humanity gets our sh*t together and eliminates single-use plastic."

It could also be an idea related to a business idea, for example:

"All construction is done by robots large 3d printers."

As the game develops, build on this idea to explore how the economics of the world take shape where this disruptor is considered.

also - there could be some idea - if someone owns both “Visionary Idea” and “First to Market”, then they get “Publicity and Press” for 1/2 price, if they land on it. Something like that :slight_smile: